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Drive on 2 wheels, parallel park at 80 mph at new stunt-driving school

He drove the General Lee in the "Dukes of Hazzard" movie, has trained countless government agents, can drive a vehicle on two wheels and parallel park going 80 miles per hour. And now, he has a stunt driving school in Dawsonville.

Bobby Ore is a 47-year veteran of the stunt driving and teaching industry. In 1996, he created the Motion Picture Stunt Driving School in response to many in the Screen Actors Guild who came to him wanting to refine their driving skills and learn more about the industry. He operates schools in Florida and California, and now, he's expanded his driving school and experience to Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, too.

"Anybody can come (and) just get a real quick idea of what happens and how it happens," Ore told's Nelson Hicks at the media day event to celebrate the school's opening.

"We take them for a ride and we put on a little movie scenario aspect to it and take 'em for a ride, real close to stuff and they have a bit of fun at it and seem to enjoy it."

The new school features two options. The first is the stunt-driving experience, a partial or full-day fun outing where guests get to experience what stunt driving is all about. That includes Ore demonstrating how to parallel park a car at 80 mph, driving on two wheels and for those students who are brave enough, standing on the track as Ore drifts a vehicle around them, coming with an inch or two of their feet.

Ore also offers stunt-driving training courses for those looking to enter the industry.

"The idea about stunt driving is to create, it's called controlled uncontrollability," Ore said. "It's to look like we're totally out of control when we're not."

To learn more about Ore or his stunt driving school, check out

Original article with video: WSB-TV 2 News

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