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1-Day Refresher Stunt Driving Course


The 1-day Refresher Stunt Driving School is exclusively available to alumni of Bobby Ore Motorsports who have previously passed the 2 or 3 day class. The day kicks off with a warm welcome, a comprehensive briefing, and an informative classroom session. Afterward, you'll head out to the track to revisit and reinforce the material covered in the course.

We'll start by establishing a baseline, then work on sharpening your focus and honing your peripheral vision discipline. You'll practice various stunt maneuvers, including forward slalom, forward 180's, and the renowned sliding 90's. Each maneuver will be executed within a defined area, and you'll have specific targets to aim for. This refresher course is an excellent choice if you're considering the advanced class but need to brush up on your skills due to the passage of time or if you simply want to revisit what you've learned in a previous class.

Keep in mind that perfect practice leads to perfection.



- Recap of previous class taken

- Tire pressure considerations


- Drive wheel considerations

- Skid control theory

- Safety behind-the-wheel

- Vehicle dynamics

- Motion physics

On-Track Skills
- Focal point discipline
- Peripheral vision   considerations
- Proper steering techniques
- Slalom techniques
- Forward 180s on mark
- Sliding 90s on mark
- High-speed backing
- Reverse 180s
- Proximity driving
- Synergistic driving
- Testing on full stunt course

Please select your preferred Location

Atlanta Motor Speedway


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