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Welcome to Bobby Ore Motorsports, your premier destination for top-tier driver training. We take pride in delivering unparalleled expertise to a wide array of clientele, including stunt driving professionals, military personnel, law enforcement officers, dignitary protection specialists, and the general public.
At Bobby Ore Motorsports, we're not just another driving school; we're a recognized authority in high-performance driving. Led by the esteemed Bobby Ore himself, our team comprises certified and seasoned instructors who excel in utilizing industry-leading techniques.
Our commitment extends to diverse sectors, making us a trusted choice for those seeking precision and excellence in their driving skills. Whether you aspire to hit your mark with pinpoint accuracy or need to navigate challenging environments safely, we've got the experience, cutting-edge training facilities, and specialized vehicles to meet your unique requirements.
Our core principles revolve around safety and performance. We maintain the highest industry standards to ensure that you not only learn effectively but also stay safe while doing so. Whether you're preparing for a career in the entertainment industry, protecting dignitaries, or simply honing your driving abilities, Bobby Ore Motorsports is here to guide you towards success.
Explore our tailored training programs designed to address your specific needs and goals. Discover how we can elevate your driving skills to new heights, ensuring you're fully equipped to excel in your chosen field or simply navigate the road with confidence.
Join us at Bobby Ore Motorsports and experience the difference that world-class training and unwavering dedication can make in your driving journey. Your destination for excellence begins here.

The Locations

Introducing the Bobby Ore Motorsports Stunt Driving School at Atlanta Motor Speedway. Atlanta Motor Speedway is the home of motorsports.  Located only 32 miles from Atlanta International Airport, in the city of Hampton, GA. Bobby Ore Motorsports and Atlanta Motor Speedway are proud to offer this exciting new Stunt Driving opportunity. 

Florida Training Facility

The Bobby Ore Motorsports east-coast training facility covers acres of flat, paved surfaces ready to handle the rigors of stunt driving. Set against the beautiful Sebring backdrop and a stones throw from Sebring International Raceway, our facility is one of the most diverse driver training facilities in North America. 

Planning Your Visit


We are proud to offer discounted accomodations from top local resorts.


Training facilities are conveniently located near some of the nations most traveled airports.


Still have a questions? Please visit our frequently asked questions page.

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