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2-Day Stunt Driving School


Day 2: Skill Enhancement and Mastery of Stunt Driving Maneuvers

  • Building on the foundation laid on Day 1, Day 2 is all about elevating your stunt driving skills.

  • Refine your focal point and peripheral vision discipline to enhance your precision and awareness on the road.

  • Dive into the world of basic stunt maneuvers, which include:

    • The exhilarating forward slalom, challenging your control and agility.

    • Mastering the art of executing forward 180-degree turns with finesse.

    • Navigating the intricate reverse 180-degree turns, showcasing your control in reverse gear.

    • Conquering the infamous sliding 90-degree turns with style.

  • Practice each maneuver within a confined area, where you'll be given specific marks to hit.

  • As you confidently hit your marks for each maneuver, progress to linking them together seamlessly. This stage is essential for understanding the precise timing and driver compensation required for executing complex sequences.

  • The pinnacle of your training awaits in the form of a final exam on our purpose-built stunt driving course. Your objective is to flawlessly execute the learned maneuvers within predetermined time limits and hit the designated marks.

  • Successfully completing this final challenge qualifies you for the prestigious Advanced Stunt Driving School, where you can further refine your skills and explore advanced techniques.

Join us for Day 2 of our Stunt Driving School, where you'll push the limits of your driving abilities, master thrilling maneuvers, and prepare to take on the Advanced Stunt Driving School if you meet the criteria in the final exam.




- Tire pressure considerations


- Drive wheel considerations

- Skid control theory

- Safety behind-the-wheel

- Vehicle dynamics

- Motion physics

On-Track Skills


- Focal point discipline

- Peripheral vision considerations

- Proper steering techniques

- Slalom techniques

- Forward 180s on mark

- Sliding 90s on mark

- High-speed backing

- Reverse 180s

- Proximity driving

- Synergistic driving

- Testing on full stunt course

Please select your preferred Location

Atlanta Motor Speedway


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