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Advanced Stunt Driving School

must be a former passing student to participate





- Drive wheel considerations

- Skid control theory

- Safety behind-the-wheel

- Motion physics

- Vehicle dynamics



On-Track Skills


- Focal point discipline

- Peripheral vision considerations

- Proper steering techniques

- High-speed slalom

- High-speed forward 180s

- High-speed reverse 180s 

- Sliding 90s

- High-speed proximity driving

- High-speed backing

- Confined placement on mark

- Near Misses

- Chase scenes

Get ready for a highly demanding school for the professional seeking an edge. In this high-speed stunt driving school, we'll start out with a quick review of basic maneuvers. We then move into high-speed slaloms. Once mastered, you will drive the high-speed slalom in close proximity with multiple vehicles. 


From there, 180's and 90's will be re-introduced on an extremely confined course where your instructor will call out specific mark placement for each maneuver. We allow no room for error. 


We'll then get you into rear-wheel drive vehicles to learn or refine the basics of near misses and chase scenes. 

Available exclusively at our Florida Location
Call 863-655-9292 for booking info

please call 863-655-9292

for price inquiries, verification, and to book your Advanced Stunt Driving School

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