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3-Day Stunt Driving School





- Tire pressure considerations


- Drive wheel considerations

- Skid control theory

- Safety behind-the-wheel

- Vehicle dymanics

- Motion physics

On-Track Skills


- Focal point discipline

- Peripheral vision considerations

- Proper steering techniques

- Slalom techniques

- Forward 180s on mark

- Sliding 90s on mark

- High-speed backing

- Reverse 180s

- Proximity driving

- Synergistic driving

- Testing on full stunt course

- Team driving on cue

- Proprietary sliding course

- Intuitive compensation

- Handbrake manipulation 

- Throttle manipulation

- Horseshoe drifting

- Flying 90s

- Drifting intersections

Your 3-day Stunt Driving School begins with a welcome introduction, an in-depth briefing and classroom session. Once complete, you will head to the track to begin breaking old habits. Once we've established a baseline, you will learn or refine your focal point and peripheral vision discipline, basic stunt maneuvers including: forward slalom, forward 180's, reverse 180's and the infamous sliding 90's. 


Each manuever will be completed within a confined area and you will be given a specific mark to hit. Once confidently hitting your mark, you will link all maneuvers together and begin to understand timing and driver compensation. Day 2 ends in a final exam on a purpose built stunt driving course. 

Day 3 begins with an introduction to more advanced concepts in our team driving and proprietary sliding course. An overview of handbrake and throttle manipulations will prepare you for both front-wheel and rear-wheel drive drifting courses. The 3-Day school will culminate with drifting intersections in a rear-wheel drive vehicle. 

Please select your preferred Location

Atlanta Motor Speedway


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