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2-Day Self Defense Driving School


This course starts with where we left off in day 1, quickly covering our discussions on vehicle dynamics, situational awareness, the science of tire performance, and steering technique. We will continue with maneuvers learned the day before, introducing more complex maneuver’s as we progress through the day.   Each maneuver is completed in a confined space that simulates real-world environments.

You will refine your forward 180 degree turns, slalom, and sliding 90 degree turns, now in an even more confined space. The T Box and offset alley are next, don't forget the 3 point turn around You will have a feeling of accomplishment as you do things with a car that you didn’t think were possible, and you will be craving even more training.




- Vehicle Dynamics

- Science of tire performance

On-Track Skills

- Focal point discipline
- Steering technique
- Situational awareness
- Forward 180s
- Forward Slalom
- Reverse Slalom
-Setting up Mirrors
- Seat Position
- ABS vs Non ABS
- Emergency Braking
- Emergency Backing
- Offset Alley
- Parallel Park
-  T Box
- Entrance and Exit at Speed
- 3 Point turn around

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