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1-Day Stunt Driving School


The 1-day Stunt Driving School kicks off with a warm welcome and an extensive introductory session, followed by a comprehensive classroom briefing. After this initial phase, it's time to hit the track and start breaking away from your existing driving habits. Once we've set a starting point, you'll delve into refining your focal point and perfecting peripheral vision discipline. The curriculum includes mastering fundamental stunt maneuvers such as forward slalom, forward 180-degree turns, and the notorious sliding 90-degree turns.

Each maneuver will take place within a confined area, and you'll be tasked with hitting a precise target or mark.




- Tire pressure considerations


- Drive wheel considerations

- Skid control theory

- Safety behind-the-wheel

- Vehicle dynamics

- Motion physics

On-Track Skills


- Focal point discipline

- Peripheral vision considerations

- Proper steering techniques

- Slalom techniques

- Forward 180s on mark

- Sliding 90s on mark

Please select your preferred Location

Atlanta Motor Speedway


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